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Astak CM-840J Night Vision Wireless Security Camera (refurb)

Camera Specs
Basic Operation

1. Connect camera and receiver AC adapters.
2. Plug in the receiver A/V jacks into your video source like, TV, Monitor, DVR.
3. Turn on camera power, select a channel 1-4.
4. Turn on receiver power, select same channel as camera.
5. Adjust focus by turning the lens.
Note: Some channels may have better reception than others so experiment.

Charging time about 2 hours to fully charge. The charge light remains on as long as the AC is plugged in.
On a full charge the camera can run up to 5 hours. With AC connected it can run continuous.
Original Manual
Original manual that comes with camera.
Sample video Light -vs Dark
Inside the Astak CM-840J
Take a closer look at the Astak CM-840J Wireless Security Camera
Pros / Cons

Pros: Super small size makes it easy to conceal (L.3-3/4 x W.1-1/4). Night vision was amazingly good for such a small camera. Camera runs 5 hours on fully charged battery. Just connect to TV to watch the live stream.

Cons: Video quality not the greatest. The 2.4 GHz range goes down fast transmitting thru walls or obstructions. With an un-obstructed view has a range up to 300ft, but thru home walls is more like 50-80ft. Camera was discontinued so the manufacturer refurbs are selling fast, get one before they are gone.



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